11 Ways to Make Hair Grow Faster

There are ways to increase hair growth, but no quick fix. However, many medicines and lifestyle changes can assist. Hair growth and strand strengthening recommendations are here.

Try in-office treatment

Platelet-rich plasma is a popular hair growth therapy, according to NYC board-certified dermatologist Marisa Garshick, M.D., F.A.A.D. Hair type affects results. The board-certified dermatologist Azadeh Shirazi explains, “Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) uses growth factors to keep the hairs in the growing cycle longer.”

Healthy eating

Your diet may make your hair shine. “A healthy diet can improve mental and physical health, which can impact hair growth,” says double-board-certified dermatologist Brendan Camp. So what should you eat? Dr. Camp prescribes whatever promotes hair growth and reduces inflammation. 

Avoid certain chemicals

It's tempting to try new hair treatments, but hair processing has hazards. Chemical treatments, hair coloring, and extreme heat can harm scalp skin and hair follicles, affecting hair development, says Dr. Camp.

Consider a medicated solution

Dr. Shirazi believes artificial stimulation with medicated treatments like Rogaine can rejuvenate resting hairs and stimulate growth.

Avoid certain hairstyles.

Dr. Camp defines traction alopecia as follicular tension-induced hair loss. Hair health can be affected by everyday styling. A severely pulled-back bun or high ponytail can strain the hair follicle, thus Dr. Camp advises against them. Leaving your hair down or in protective styles may reduce strain.

Add vitamins

“Our hair reflects our health. Hair growth rate is inherited but affected by health, says Dr. Shirazi. supplements B, D, zinc, and biotin in hair supplements are ideal for hair development, according to Dr. Shirazi.

Shampoo swap

How you wash and utilize products might affect hair development. Dr. Garshick says a volumizing shampoo might improve the appearance of existing hair while waiting for more. Protein-rich shampoos make hair seem fuller and thicker.

Scalp massage

“Consider scalp massage,” Dr. Camp advises. Manually or with a scalp massager, to enhance blood flow and relax. Massage may increase hair follicle oxygen flow and reduce oxidative stress.

Stop smoking.

Dr. Camp believes smoking produces free oxygen radicals, which can harm cellular structures and hinder hair development.

Avoid overheating

Dr. Camp warns that excessive heat can damage and break hair when styling or drying. Other methods include air-drying hair. Dr. Camp warns that heated tools dry and harm hair. It can also cause air bubbles, weakening strands.

Be patient

Dietary supplements supplement diets. Their purpose is not to treat, diagnose, alleviate, prevent, or cure illnesses. Take dietary supplements cautiously if pregnant or breastfeeding. If not advised by a doctor, avoid providing children vitamins.

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