6 Scary Signs You're Exercising Too Much

Feeling lethargic

Your energy level should spike after a workout, and you should not feel depleted.

Constant fatigue

In Tommy's opinion, you know you've crossed the line if you consistently "feel like you've never gotten enough sleep" or something similar. If you routinely receive seven to eight hours of sleep, yet you still feel fatigued, your body has likely been worn out due to too much physical (and/or mental) stress.

Foggy thinking

Tommy pointed out that having problems thinking clearly and having a bad memory are also signs of adrenal exhaustion.

 Trouble problem-solving

Having issues at work? accustomed to managing significant jobs and critical thought, but now something seems off? Think about your timetable.

 Getting sick more than usual

If you typically have a strong immune system and only seldom have the flu but lately appear to be getting it every time, this may indicate physical weariness.

Slower recovery time from sickness

No matter how many bowls of soup you consume or vitamin C tablets you take, your cold won't go away. This is one another unequivocal signal to cut back on exercise.

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