7 Best Tips To Lose Gut Fat After 50

Fill up on protein.

Protein is essential to a balanced diet and sustainable belly fat loss. More protein than the recommended daily amount might help you lose weight and keep lean muscle, according to research.

Strength and resistance training should be balanced.

A regular workout plan will help you lose belly fat, but strength and resistance training should be your first priority. According to Harvard School of Public Health studies, weight training is an effective approach to lose and regulate abdominal obesity.

Burn and deplete calories.

Another York tip for post-50 stomach fat loss? Torch calories and cut calories. Working out and lifting weights burns calories, but you need a calorie deficit to see benefits. Consume fewer calories than you burn to reduce abdominal fat and other pounds.

Stay hydrated.

Water is calorie-free and refreshing. This makes it a great weight reduction supplement since it fills you up and suppresses your hunger. According to Frontiers in Nutrition, drinking more water can help you lose weight. For "sole water," add pink Himalayan sea salt to your water to improve sleep and weight reduction.

Try fasting.

Have you tried intermittent fasting? Not for everyone—especially if you like snacking or eat smaller meals throughout the day—but research suggests this eating plan can speed up fat reduction. There are several intermittent fasting regimens, but the basic idea is to eat only within a set time.

Consider saunas and ice baths.

The chilling feeling of an ice bath or "cold therapy" is also healthy. Start your day with cold showers to improve mood, circulation, and immunity. You'll be more alert. If you wish to soak your complete body in freezing water, research shows ice baths can burn fat!

Consult a trainer.

A professional fitness specialist should be consulted and trained when in doubt. They can create the perfect tailored game plan for you.

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