7 Drawbacks of Daily AC Use

Dry Skin:

Air conditioning reduces humidity, causing dry skin. Dry skin may become itchy and unpleasant and needs more moisture.

Respiratory Issues:

AC's chilly, dry air may worsen respiratory issues, particularly in asthmatics. Throat discomfort, coughing, and allergies may result.


 Since AC cools and evaporates moisture, it might dehydrate you. Cool weather may lessen thirst, causing dehydration.

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Increased Energy Use:

Running AC units continually may raise energy expenditures and harm the environment.

Increased illness risk:

Extended AC usage may raise sickness risk due to recirculated air containing germs and pathogens. Close contact in AC-heated interior environments may also transmit diseases.

Stiff Muscles:

Insufficient clothing layers might induce muscular stiffness or cramps while switching from hot outside conditions to chilly AC.

Environmental Impact:

AC overuse increases energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change. If improperly maintained, air conditioning chemicals like refrigerants may damage the ozone layer.

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