7 High-Fat Foods to Avoid for Belly Fat Loss

Ice Cream

"[Ice cream] is a high-fat, high-calorie, high-sugar food that is often consumed after a meal that adds extra calories to your day," says Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, founder and director of Real Nutrition, a New York City private practice that helps clients achieve their optimal nutrition, weight, and wellness.


Pizza is delicious, but it's high-fat, high-carb, and oily, so avoid it if you want to lose belly fat. "Pizza is widely available [and] affordable," Shapiro says. "White flour is poor in fiber, therefore most people have two or three pieces for dinner. The toppings commonly include processed meats with salt and saturated fat. 


"Made often from white flour, sugar, and fat (butter or oil), the calories add up and can stick to your middle if not portion-controlled," Shapiro says. "Donuts have 300 to 500 calories and no fiber, so it's simple to consume more than one. Limit these to occasional treats and watch portions."

French Fries

French fries are a common restaurant side dish, however they're cooked in oil and salty. "This means lots of calories, carbs, and fat, which can lead to weight gain if not portioned," Shapiro says. "High-salt and fat foods cause overeating and weight gain."

Processed Snacks

Trans fats found in many pre-packaged foods including pretzels, chips, and cookies. Some have too much salt and sugar. Goodson recommends snacking on entire fruits, seeds, and nuts. Our favorite 100-calorie protein-packed snacks for weight reduction are also options.

Processed Meats

Many of the best football season snacks are processed meats. Sausages, bacon, and hot dogs are examples. These foods are heavy in salt and saturated fat, which can cause belly fat. Research links processed meats to diabetes, heart disease, and several cancers.

Sugar-packed coffee drinks

Getting a latte at your favorite coffee shop may seem like a harmless approach to improve energy and avoid afternoon slumps. Unfortunately, creams, syrups, and whipped cream add fat and sugar to many lattes and coffee beverages. "When we drink calories, our bodies don't register them as meals, so we eat more

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