7 indications of a man who habitually pursues and accumulates romantic partners

Some males want to ‘collect’ women as trophies! They are smart, funny, and charming enough to captivate you, but they will never commit. Fear not—dodging ‘women collectors’ is essential! We list warning indicators of males who only want you as a prize.

These kinds of guys are sure-handed when it comes to reading women's habits. They will probably back out if they sense that you're interested in them but are still scared to go out with them. This is only because they anticipate that you will be eager for more and would undoubtedly contact them.

These men are open about their relationships. They will make you feel bad for believing they are in an exclusive relationship but never say so. Their acts and words imply he's in a relationship, but they'll studiously avoid the name.

His phone is likely to keep ringing right when you need him. No matter how dire the situation, you will have a hard time reaching him via phone or text. When he's not with you or doesn't answer the phone, he's probably wooing other women.

These guys are masters at seduction, but they will keep their private lives under wraps. These guys will seem carefree and devoted to you because they are afraid to let you into their lives. Because of how reclusive they are, you likely know very little, if anything, about their social circle.

If things get too complicated, he will bail. Most of the time, "collector men" are attracted to women who exude an air of tranquility and beauty. Talking to them about sensitive topics or explaining a difficult scenario would just make them seem aloof.

Thorough, methodical, and well-organized characterize them. Always keeping track of all the other ladies in their thoughts ensures that they never let themselves be seen slipping. In terms of their emotional disclosure and concealment, they are very strategic. They are also masters at hiding who they really are.

Their lovely comments certainly made you fall for them. They use several adjectives to describe each lady in their collection. If you leave these men, they will deceive you into thinking you can't live without them. To win you over, they'll return at the end.

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