7 Low-Intensity Weight Loss Exercises for Women


One of the easiest exercises is walking. Most days should include 30 minutes of vigorous walking. As you become fitter, increase your time and speed.


Biking is a low-impact, joint-friendly workout. Cycling may burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness on a stationary bike or outdoors.


Swimming works the whole body without straining joints. It burns calories and tones muscles. Swimming laps or water aerobics are great possibilities.


 Yoga is gentle stretching and relaxation. yoga may not burn as many calories as other hobbies, but yoga improves flexibility, balance, and mental health

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 Core strength, flexibility, and body fitness are Pilates' goals. Low-impact exercise helps tone muscles and improve posture.

Tai Chi:

 The gentle, flowing martial art of Tai Chi stresses balance and relaxation. This is great for flexibility, stress reduction, and body awareness.


 A great approach to burn calories and improve cardio is dancing. Dance, whether ballroom, salsa, Zumba, or in your living room

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