7 Proper banana storage methods to maintain freshness

Room Temperature:

 Keep green bananas on the counter or in a fruit dish at room temperature to ripen. Avoid direct sunshine and apples, which generate ethylene gas that speeds ripening.

Separate Them:

 Separate bananas to delay ripening. Because bananas emit ethylene gas as they mature, adjacent fruits and vegetables might be affected

Use banana hangers:

 Banana hangers or hooks keep bananas from contacting the counter or other items. This may prevent bruising and preserve freshness.

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 Once bananas are ripe, refrigerate them to lengthen their shelf life. The surface may darken, but the fruit within will last longer.


Peel and chop overripe bananas to store in an airtight container or freezer bag for smoothies or baking. Frozen bananas make smoothies and banana bread creamy.

Plastic Wrap: 

Wrapping banana stems with plastic wrap slows ripening. It controls ethylene gas release.

Bags of bananas

Banana bags are meant to preserve bananas. They control airflow around bananas, preventing early ripening.

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