7 Side Effects of Daily Smartphone Use

Computer Vision Syndrome: Digital Eye Strain

 Prolonged smartphone usage may cause digital eye strain, which causes dry eyes, eye fatigue, headaches, and impaired vision.

Sleep Disorders:

Smartphone displays generate blue light that disrupts melatonin synthesis. Smartphone use before night may alter sleep patterns, making it hard to fall or remain asleep.

Text Neck:

 Looking down at a smartphone screen might cause "text neck." It may cause neck and shoulder discomfort and long-term postural difficulties.

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Stress and anxiety rise:

 Social media, alerts, and the need to always be connected may raise stress and anxiety. FOMO and phone addiction might worsen these sentiments.

Less Productivity:

 Smartphone usage may distract workers and reduce productivity. Checking texts, social media, or playing games may disrupt productivity.

Nomophobia: Phone-free fear

Some people acquire nomophobia—fear of being without their cellphones. This dependency on the technology might cause anxiety when separated and harm mental health.

Privacy and Security Issues:

Smartphone overuse may compromise privacy and security. Apps and websites might expose your personal, location

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