8 Best Weight-Loss Drinks

Green Juice with Pulp

Pulped green veggie juice is nutritious. Try cabbage, celery, kale, or spinach. „As long as you maintain the pulp, you're drinking a juice that's low in calories and sugar and retains fiber that curbs appetite

Gut-Friendly Drinks

"The microbiome is a major player in weight loss," say The Nutrition Twins. "Increasing gut beneficial bacteria crowds out bad bacteria, promoting weight reduction and metabolism. People often think about obtaining probiotics to boost gut health, but often forget about prebiotic fiber, which feeds probiotics. 

 Pea Protein Smoothie

The Nutrition Twins say the protein/fiber combo stabilizes blood sugar, reducing crashes that cause sugar cravings and cortisol spikes that cause belly fat. Research also reveals that pea protein might help you lose weight without cutting calories. Since it contains branched-chain amino acids, pea protein helps produce metabolism-boosting lean tissue. 

Green Tea

"It's rich in the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which research shows can boost metabolism and fat burning," say The Nutrition Twins. In a 12-week research, concentrated green tea with catechins and caffeine generated a 7.7-pound weight reduction. Keep your green tea cup full all day!

Spicy Metabolism Booster

The Nutrition Twins' anti-inflammatory, five-calorie drink spice things up and aids weight reduction. The Twins "Capsaicin, the fiery component of cayenne pepper, has been shown to decrease appetite and make you feel full. Capsaicin boosts metabolism somewhat. 


Drinking coffee without milk or sugar is a calorie-free method to receive caffeine and lose weight. Coffee's metabolism-boosting and fat-burning characteristics assist weight loss, according to research.

Water with Celtic Salt Pinch

H2O may not be the tastiest option, but it helps you lose weight. The Nutrition Twins say, "Your body is 60% water, and water is needed in every body process, including an efficient and fast metabolism." "Water also suppresses appetite."

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