9 Secret Ways to Gain Muscle Without Exercise

Track your protein.

"Protein is essential for muscle growth," adds Jones. "Protein is essential for muscle building regardless of how or how often you exercise."

Plan vitamins.

Start taking vitamins regularly today if you don't. Jones says, "Vitamins play a key role behind everything your body does." They provide critical nutrients for cells. Oral or IV supplements can ensure that all portions of your body receive the proper vitamins based on your food, lifestyle, and genetics."

Prioritize recovery.

Body recovery is essential to muscle-building. Active hobbies and exercise injure muscles, therefore resting helps them repair. "If you are taking a break from traditional exercise or moving in other ways, remember how important it is to rebuild your muscle fibers," Jones advises. "Ice baths and cryotherapy chambers can speed recovery."

Arm yourself with better "cheat meals".

Thor Bradley, C4 Energy brand spokesperson, recommends better cheat meals. If you eat clean yet cheat after you've "earned it," rethink your method. Bradley explains, "When you want to relax, you may consume low-nutrient junk food.


Bradley offers a technique for you if you've failed at meditation or can't sit for 30 minutes. "This is how I've succeeded—I cheat," he says. "I utilize a YouTube guided meditation track, elevated my legs 90 degrees on my ottoman, and let the music assist me relax for five minutes a day.

Incorporate sports activities.

Bradley understands that gym life isn't for everyone. Despite how much time you spend at the gym, you probably won't exercise all your muscles thoroughly.

Try electrotherapy.

Ice baths and saunas are popular for good reason. Have you heard of TENS? Electrotherapy offers great value.

Increase blood flow.

Our next sneaky approach to grow muscle without "exercising" is to increase blood flow. "If you want to improve muscle recovery, use compression therapy to increase oxygenated hemoglobin," Jones advises. "Compression therapy will stimulate your muscles and increase blood flow to target areas, reducing lactic acid and increasing flexibility."

 Make time to move everyday.

Daily exercise is essential for good health. According to Jones, exercise shouldn't look the same for everyone. "While consistent, intentional exercise is one of the best ways to build muscle, there are many ways to fit it into your day," he explains. "Be willing to get up, do some chores, or go for a walk—movement is fun, even if it's not traditional exercise."

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