A.J. Brown and Nick Sirianni, along with DeVonta Smith, as he moves to the next level(Part-2)

Moore will inherit an offense that struggled in 2023, but he'll have Smith and Brown, one of the NFL's finest receiving duos. Smith's tip for maximizing that duo: “Just let us do what we do.”

Smith and Brown have gotten close on and off the field over the previous two seasons, and few Eagles players know Brown like Smith. Brown has been misconstrued by the public as an Eagle. I asked Smith, who was advertising Dick's Sporting Goods' VRST gear line, for one obscure fact about Brown.

“I think one thing that people should consider about everybody is that everybody is not the same,” Smith added. “You'll have media-jolly guys and others who step back and be themselves. They expect everyone to be happy with the media, but they're not.

Someone is just who they are. Silent and alone. That's their nature. He is like that. He's alone. He keeps things to himself, and the media must accept and understand.”

In the previous two years, just three receiver pairings have gone over 1,000 yards: Brown and Smith, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle in Miami, and Mike Evans and Chris Godwin in Tampa.

Eagles should try to keep Smith and Brown together as long as possible. Three seasons left on Brown's four-year, $100 million deal after being traded to the Eagles.

Smith may get a contract extension after three seasons of his rookie deal. The Eagles will obviously take up his fifth-year option in his last year

Eagles are proactive about these things. They negotiate an extension if they wish to keep a player.