Almost $49 million USD Rare Bicentennial Quarter: Additional nine gems valued at more than $799,999

The recent auction sale of a rare bicentennial quarter for nearly $49 million USD has made headlines and established a new record for coin enthusiasts around the world.  

Speculators and collectors aren't finished yet, though; nine other bicentennial quarters have piqued their interest, with a combined value of more than $799,999. 

Rare Coins Revealed: Bicentennial Quarters have a unique role in numismatic history since they were struck in 1976 to honor the United States' 200th birthday. 

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Their unique pattern, which includes a colonial drummer and the Liberty Bell, represents the ideals of independence and patriotism.  

But their uniqueness lies in their rarity; there are only a few handful in existence. 

Collectors and experts were taken aback by the recent auction of a rare bicentennial quarter, which was valued at about $49 million USD.  

This quarter is proof positive of the everlasting fascination in rare coins, thanks to its modern design and flawless surfaces. 

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