The Sweetest Zodiac Sign, Per Astrologers


Aquarians may have resting calm face, they're not big smilers, but their heart is massive


the ones to make a batch of cupcakes and put half in a box for you to take home, wash your floors after shopping, or surprise you with an extra ticket to see your favorite band


they're the babies of the Zodiac and therefore have a really youthful vibe, which will make you feel young again.

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Cancers throw dinner parties to present their closest pals or bring a new food to check on you. Cancer pals will be lovely when you need it.


Like Sour Patch Kids, Geminis are sweet and sour. When this sign loves you, they'll enchant and demonstrate their affection. 


Pisces don't care about money or status, so if they win something, they'll gladly share it, if they order their meal before you arrive

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