Because of the following genuine reasons, women do not want to date a man like you

There are certain males who find it difficult to attract the attention of a lady. This list will assist you in better comprehending the reasons why a woman does not want to date you if you are a male who is interested in receiving some brutally honest explanations for why she does not want to date you.

In addition, these factors have nothing to do with your physical appearance, height, or weight.

You fall into this group unknowingly if you're a man who complains about everything. It's because you're too busy moaning about large and minor things to realize how negative you sound to a lady you want to date.

You may put your faith in us when we claim that ladies are excellent listeners, and they hear you excessively well. Essentially, you are causing the other person to feel like they have no life left in them and making them want to flee from you.

You may be brilliant, eloquent, employed, and healthy. But trying to alter the lady you like won't work. Women should not be regarded as personal projects where you tell them how to live or look better. You're merely alienating her.

Some men care about appearance. It won't work if you solely talk about the woman's beauty and tell her how hot or lovely she is. Can you praise her for being amusing, clever, honest, or talented? Inform her. She won't be interested in your compliments if you focus on her physique or characteristics.

Although it seems impossible, some guys are needy, clingy, and anxious for a relationship. Some ladies hate it, unlike others. You might believe women are clinging and needy. You'd be shocked how many ladies are independent and require their space. A man who always seems desperate or needy is not someone they want to deal with. Your enemies will shortly flee.

If you can't relax or have fun without booze, your dream lady will turn her back on you. High alcohol use makes a bad impression on women. Also, stop believing you look cool just when you always have a drink. Women are interested in your whole self, not just your drunken self.

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