Because of this, oranges are packaged in bags made of red mesh.

Grocery shoppers may have noted that oranges are the most popular fruit in the colorful see-through bags, whereas red mesh bags are used for a far smaller selection of fruits. Is the reason ever a mystery to you? For the reasoning for the red mesh bags, please scroll down.

According to specialists of the industry, the utilization of red mesh bags is a strategy that is used to solicit clients. The fact that oranges are stored in red bags makes them look even more orange, which is what captures the attention of the customer.

It is the belief of one school of thinking that supermarkets in the United States were the ones who first started the practice, and that it subsequently expanded to other marketplaces as well.

The specialists are of the opinion that the combination of red and orange creates an optical illusion that makes the oranges look more orange and attracts the attention of the buyer to purchase. In addition to lemon, grapefruit, and papaya, they may also be used with this approach.

The market participants dye the oranges to make them appear more tangerine and then place them in the red mesh bag in order to attract the attention of customers in the event that the oranges are not bright enough owing to the weather conditions and other potential causes.

According to the general consensus, any foreign substance that is added to fruits or vegetables need to be non-toxic; otherwise, everything is fine.

The Food and Drug Administration asserts that oranges can be colored in one of two ways. An artificial dye known as "Citrus Red 2" is sprayed on the peels in the first method of producing the color. The second approach involves the utilization of ethylene gas to accomplish the task. This latter method is typically employed for business-related objectives.

These many options are nothing more than marketing strategies that are designed to make the product appear appealing to the eye, and buyers are fooled by them. Instead of judging a book by its cover, it is essential for us as consumers to purchase intelligently and avoid making snap judgments.

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