Berry's reasoning for Purdy's Super Bowl legacy above Mahomes'

Brock Purdy is a major topic of discussion before Super Bowl LVIII between the Chiefs and 49ers. Many media figures have praised or criticized the youthful 49ers signal-caller's playmaking skills. NBC Sports' fantasy football expert Matthew Berry told Laura Britt on Radio Row in Las Vegas that this Super Bowl is a legacy game for Purdy.

“As I've mentioned before, I think this is a legacy game for Brock Purdy, not Patrick Mahomes," Berry told Britt. I think Patrick Mahomes can win numerous Super Bowls even if he goes 0 for 20 with three interceptions.

"Patrick Mahomes, regardless of what happens in his career, will go down as one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks ever." Mahomes, who has won two Super Bowls and will play in his fourth, is an excellent NFL quarterback. Berry said that Purdy is not yet at that level, but winning the game would help.

"But Brock Purdy was a leading MVP candidate this season," Berry remarked. "He collapsed against the Ravens after being the betting favorite. He had a horrible game and the playoffs have been inconsistent. So he gets to face Patrick Mahomes.

If he beats Patrick Mahomes and throws a nice touchdown pass, he stretches plays like he did against the Lions. I think all questions will be addressed if he accomplishes it in the Super Bowl and wins.”

Berry is right that Purdy, in his second NFL season and playing for a renowned QB team, would win this Super Bowl more than Mahomes.

Purdy has led the 49ers to the playoffs twice since taking over as starter last season. Many critics say Purdy is only competent because he plays in a talented offense and Kyle Shanahan's inventive play-calling covers for his mediocre skills.

Mahomes and the Chiefs respect Purdy's postseason performance in high-pressure circumstances in leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl. The 49ers will try to win their sixth Super Bowl on Sunday in Sin City under Purdy.