Best Core Exercise  To Prevent Back Pain And Midsection

People exercise for several reasons. Some do it to burn fat and get fit. Others feel good from endorphins. Many wish to live healthier. Daily exercise also helps prevent and reduce aging discomfort. Many workouts may cover all of these bases, especially core-building ones.

We interviewed Luke Milton, Celebrity Trainer & Founder of LA Fitness Studio Training Mate, and Robert Kurz, crossfit trainer from Motifitlife, to learn about core exercises' many advantages and the ideal one for staying in shape and relieving pain. One daily exercise that provides these advantages is a forearm plank, they said.

Forearm Plank

Milton favours a regular forearm plank. He says he does them daily and that everyone over 40 should too! This workout targets your core, which helps you lose weight and relieve discomfort.

"A strong core is imperative to a strong and balanced body," he says, "the core is the central hub of the body." That's because core strength goes beyond abs. “You are strengthening muscles in your lower back, pelvis, hips and abdomen, making your exercises more effective,” Milton explains.

Ab workouts are one of the best methods to reduce weight and avoid midriff gain (particularly when mixed with cardio), but did you know they may also ease back pain? As noted, working your core strengthens your back. Milton says, "Strong muscles of the lower back in particular are crucial to alleviating back pain." Perfect!

"The plank works the whole body, not just the abs. When done correctly, it works the glutes, quads, and upper body, especially the shoulders. This multi-muscle involvement improves workout efficiency."

Knowing how good core workouts are for your body, you may be wondering how to do your daily forearm plank for greatest effects. Luckily, Milton provided step-by-step instructions:

He advises "start in a prone position on your elbow and knees." Keep your back straight, hips motionless, and legs straight when stable." Next, "tuck your ribs and hips and draw in your belly button, hold this for 45-60 seconds." Then repeat those steps three times!

If this is too hard, start slowly. "A regression is to do this on your knees," Milton says. "Put your toes on the ground to make the exercise more effective." Noted!

Whether you start on your knees or not, a forearm plank will strengthen your core every day. Your body will thank you!

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