Biden warns of a ‘nightmare’ future for the country if Trump wins again, listing reasons (Part-2)

Democrats retained their Senate seat but lost the governorship in 2022. The six statewide constitutional officials are equally Democratic and Republican. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto's tight win helped Democrats retain Senate control during Biden's term.

The massive Democratic effort developed by Harry Reid is helping Biden this year. The “Reid Machine” has educated operatives and organizers for years, helping Democrats win every presidential election in Nevada since 2008 despite its purple status.

Early signals suggest Biden may have more distance to make up than in previous contests. Voters dislike the inevitable Biden-Trump rematch. New York Times/Siena survey from November pegged Biden's Nevada support at 36%. “I know from my reelection, the issues that matter to Nevadans are still those kitchen table issues,” Cortez Masto said in an interview.

Biden's reelection campaign centers on Trump's danger to democracy and American values. Abortion rights were the focus of the president's first major campaign event in Virginia, where Democrats took control of the House of Delegates.

Biden touts his economic policies as having produced millions of jobs, combated climate change, and increased American competitiveness. Many Americans aren't giving his administration credit, surveys show.

The Democratic National Committee launched a six-figure ad campaign in Nevada and South Carolina, where Biden won the leadoff vote Saturday. Radio, television, and internet commercials in Spanish, Chinese, and Tagalog, as well as a billboard in Las Vegas' Chinatown, aim to motivate Black, Asian American, and Latino voters nationwide.

Trump falsely claimed at a Las Vegas campaign event a week before early voting that the Biden administration had weaponized law police against him. Trump faces four indictments and 91 charges. For Biden, “the map says he has to hold on to Nevada,” said UNLV political science associate professor Dan Lee.

The Republican presidential primary is Tuesday, but the state GOP has caucuses on Thursday to allot delegates. Trump is running in the caucuses; Nikki Haley chose the nonbinding primary.