Book reveals QAnon links and phony litigation Part 3: Trump and Georgia election challenge

After a former CIA operative showed her a videotape of a former security chief to Hugo Chavez suggesting that the late Venezuelan president had rigged U.S. election voting machines, Powell called Trump at the White House to say, "Hey, the guys came through, they got the stuff, we need to send it to you," the authors wrote. Trump “seemed excited,” the person added, so Powell leased an aircraft to deliver the footage on a flash drive to the White House.

Trump's campaign disputed the charges, but he promoted them and encouraged Justice Department investigators to “seize” voting equipment to prove Venezuelan socialists stole the election for Biden.

The authors wrote that the Trump campaign was more involved in the orchestrated effort to intimidate Ruby Freeman, an African American election worker, into falsely claiming that she stuffed ballots for Biden on election night than previously thought.

Harrison Floyd, head of Black Voices for Trump, sent Kanye West's publicist to harass Freeman at her house and warn her of danger. The Trump campaign paid Floyd $136,236 in 32 installments. Floyd's lawyer, Chris Kachouroff, called that story "defamatory." "For people holding themselves out as alleged investigative reporters," he said by email, "one would have thought they would actually have done some investigation to get Mr. Floyd's side of the story and at least write for the sake of truth."

Willis did not initially or secondarily hire Nathan Wade to lead her massive election fraud and racketeering probe after entering office in early 2021. Some prominent attorneys refused special prosecutor or senior counsel positions due to Trump supporter threats against their safety. “Hypothetically speaking, do you want a bodyguard following you for the rest of your life?” said former Georgia Democratic governor Roy Barnes, who the authors say turned Willis down.

Willis chastised Wade and his squad for poor work. “Y’all aren’t even close,” Willis said as she left after seeing a PowerPoint of a potential indictment.

“This f***ing terrible.” Last week, Willis and Wade corroborated one defendant's claims that they've been in a romantic connection, but stated it started after he got the post in November 2021 and rejected demands for them to resign.

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