The landowner, David Young, stated: "There is an opportunity here in Finnich Glen to develop a tourism attraction of national importance.

It is a stunning Scottish monument that attracts visitors from all over the world; it has previously been dubbed Scotland's Grand Canyon in miniature."

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and raunchy sex scenes.So it's understandable that people previously assumed they were a couple in real life, despite Balfe's marriage to her long-term lover

Tony McGill since 2019.Nonetheless, Heughan has noticed that his Irish co-star possesses many of the attributes he seeks in another half.Last year, Balfe and Heughan participated in the Vanity Fair Game Show,

where they had to ask each other questions to determine how well they knew each other.Balfe was asked what attributes Heughan looked for in a love companion,

to which he responded that she should "keep it clean".She typed "must like fitness" initially, and Heughan agreed: "That's accurate. That will do. 'Must enjoy fitness'. Easy

Balfe, with Heughan's permission, went on to mention kind, adventurous, wonderful at conversation, and, according to the Claire Fraser actress, "borderline alco[holic].

After seeing the list, Heughan stated, "I hate to say, these are actually kind of all the qualities that you like apart from the fitness..."“Yeah, no I don’t care about fitness”, Balfe said,

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