Chiefs' Reid praises Purdy's skills after criticism.

Unlike other NFL players, Super Bowl LVIII-bound Brock Purdy has been criticized despite his best season.

Several national experts have criticized the 49ers quarterback's skills and co-signed a “game manager” label that has trailed the 2022 Mr. Irrelevant all season. However, Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs is not a Purdy naysayer.

Reid was asked about Purdy's criticism, especially from the national press, as the Chiefs prepare to play the 49ers in the Super Bowl at Opening Night on Monday in Las Vegas. The Chiefs coach praised the 49ers quarterback, whom his team meets at Allegiant Stadium on Feb. 11

I'd say [Purdy's] doing a terrific job of earning national respect,” Reid said. “He's right. He's clever. Everyone thinks, ‘Well, he's small and he can't run,’ yet he won the [NFC Championship] Game last week by sprinting and throwing. But his legs aided him that game.

Despite the public narrative, Purdy has shown a broad armament, especially with important repercussions.

Before the NFC Championship Game, many wondered if Purdy could handle the Detroit Lions' blitz threat in the pocket. He reacted, passing for 267 yards and a score on 64.5 percent of his throws after getting pressured on 15 of his 36 dropbacks in the comeback win.

“And then he did it under pressure,” Reid said. “So all those major quarterback categories you check off? All of it is what he's showing everyone.”

The question of whether Reid and Co. will want to confront the Purdy mentioned is probably outside the scope of this debate. The 49ers' Vince Lombardi Trophy campaign begins Sunday at 3:30 p.m. PT.