Coffee Choice Based on Zodiac Sign

Aries: Mexican Spicy Mocha

Your governing planet Mars and fire sign nature make you confident in your decisions and willing to move beyond your comfort zone. Aries, why not get a coffee as sweet and spicy as you?

Taurus: Lavender Latte

 Earthy and sensible, you like the slow way and don't need to prove yourself. Taurus, governed by Venus, the planet of creativity and passion, sips coffee to ground itself.

Double Shot Macchiato, Gemini

You overbook yourself with social events and prefer to be occupied. Thus, your daily pick-me-up must be highly caffeinated, smooth, and tasty.

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Cancer: Caramel Latte

Cancer is comfortable and routine-oriented. You like nostalgic foods, old pals, and other emotional items. You soak up people' emotions as a moon sign, which rules emotion and intuition. 

Leo: Red Velvet Frappé

The zodiac's extroverted scene-stealer needs a drink. You like to experiment and make trends as a fire sign. Your extravagant tastes won't be satisfied by a cold brew or vanilla latte. 

Virgo: Classic Medium Roast

 Virgos enjoy things "just so," particularly your tried-and-true favorites. If you want to try anything new, it must be smooth, mildly sweetened,

Libra, Sweet Rose Latte

 Was there any question that Libra would choose a rose latte? Sweet and seductive. Venus rules romance, so you live like a romantic comedy,

Scorpio: Coffee Frappé

 Scorpios are intense about their passions, whether they're work, hobbies, or love. You are the most sensuous zodiac sign. 

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