Big Mistakes You're Making With Steak

Skipping the Pat-Down: Failing to dry your steak with paper towels before cooking precludes a proper sear. Moisture prevents the Maillard reaction, which gives crust taste. Prepare your steak for the grill or pan by drying it.

Forgetting to Preheat: Failure to warm a pan, grill, or oven can cause inconsistent cooking. For a consistent sear, preheat before inserting your steak.

Overcrowding the Pan: Clogging the pan with steaks lowers the temperature, preventing adequate searing and possibly steaming the meat. Batch-cook steaks for best results.

Brush Stroke



Underseasoning: Steak tastes better with liberal seasoning. Salt and pepper are essential, but herbs and spices can enhance the flavor.

Neglecting Rest Time: After cooking, rushing rest time can dry out steak. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before slicing for maximum juiciness.

Ignoring the Grain: Anti-grain slicing maximizes tenderness. Cut perpendicular to muscle fibers for a better meal.

Overcooking: The juices and tenderness of a steak are lost when overcooked. To minimize disappointment, use a meat thermometer to achieve rare, medium-rare, or well-done doneness.