Crosby explains how 49ers can slow Mahomes in Super Bowl.

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end plays Mahomes and Chiefs twice a year in AFC West. Since Crosby was picked in 2019, the Chiefs have defeated the Raiders 8-2, but Las Vegas has the most recent win.

The Raiders defeated the Chiefs 20-14 on Christmas Day, with Crosby and the Las Vegas defense stifling Mahomes and the offense. The contest saw Crosby's tackle for loss and two quarterback hits. Three-time Pro Bowler Crosby understands how to beat Mahomes. He can toss the ball and make plays with his legs, Crosby told NBCU Local in an exclusive interview.

"Majority of the time he's not running just to run," stated Crosby. "He runs to make time and toss the ball downfield. One of the finest improvisers. He has Travis Kelce and Rashee Rice, who have guns everywhere.

With a terrific coach like Andy Reid, a great quarterback, and an all-time great tight end, you'll usually have tremendous outcomes. Every time you see them, they're difficult. You must mentally prepare, "All right, this is what we're doing." We'll run and search for four quarters.

Mahomes is known for his passing, but his running is overlooked. In the playoffs, the two-time Super Bowl MVP gets a first-down on 54.3 percent of his running attempts, up from 51.1 percent in his career. Crosby thinks the San Francisco 49ers' game strategy against Mahomes is on teamwork.

It's really four equals one," Crosby said. "You must be on the same page during a four-man, five-man, or other hurry. Be relentless. You must keep rushing this guy and finishing.

I know that every time I play (Mahomes). I wear track shoes because I'll chase his ass all game. You must have everyone on the same time and energy to beat him. If you miss one play, he'll take advantage

Crosby stressed the importance of the 49ers' defensive front with Nick Bosa, Javon Hargrave, Arik Armstead, and others working together. With the Chiefs winning all three games, including Super Bowl LIV four years ago, the 49ers have struggled to restrict Mahomes.