Disagreements erupt during discussion between four Republican candidates for governor of West Virginia (Part-2)

In November's general election, the Republican nominee from the May 14 primary will go up against the Democratic candidate, Steve Williams. Williams, the current mayor of Huntington, faces no challenger in the primary election for his political party. It is against the law for Republican Governor Jim Justice to pursue a third straight term in office.

Former New Jersey resident Morrisey relocated to the state in 2006 and was inaugurated to his first of three stints as attorney general in 2012. Examining issues like taxes, regulations, labor and licensing restrictions, and teacher compensation, he anticipates a "robust" rivalry with neighboring states to expand the state's economy.

Warner criticized Capito when he resigned from the House of Delegates in December to seek the office of governor. "That's quitting," Warner remarked. An opportunist is hated by everybody. You remain steadfast.

Kris Warner, who is running for secretary of state, is Warner's brother and a former state GOP chairman. The other brothers in the Warner family include the former U.S. attorney Kasey Warner and the 2004 GOP gubernatorial candidate Monty.

According to Mac Warner, "to get West Virginia off the bottom" is to invest in education. He stressed the need of investing in programs that help children learn at a young age and expanding access to vocational and technical education.

Warner has stated that he and Miller are in a "two-person race" in the primary. Regarding Morrisey, he stated, "No devout Republican in West Virginia is going to cast a ballot for an outsider who arrives as an opportunist."

Another thing Warner brought up is that Capito's campaign has received financial support from Larry Puccio, who served as chief of staff to former governor Joe Manchin and is now a supporter to the state Democratic Party.

The Raleigh County Republican Executive Committee held the discussion at a Daniels resort, and MetroNews, a radio network in West Virginia, broadcasted it. Mitch Roberts of Poca and Kevin Christian of Chloe, Calhoun County, the other two GOP candidates, did not show up. Their invitation status remained unknown. A county GOP official did not answer a message left with them.