Easy Drinking Habits for a Flatter Stomach

Squeeze lemon in your water

"Lemon is acidic, so it helps your body digest food, preventing bloat and improving nutrient absorption," explain the Nutrition Twins. "Water and lemon soften stool to get waste and toxins out of the intestines and flatten the belly."

Add cinnamon to coffee, tea, milk, or hot chocolate

The Nutrition Twins believe cinnamon is inherently delicious, calorie-free, and anti-inflammatory. "It also reduces body weight and belly fat, preventing obesity."

Add cinnamon to coffee, tea, milk, or hot chocolate

They add, "Cinnamon can also assist in stabilizing blood sugar," "preventing the dips that lead to sugar cravings, overeating, and subsequent belly fat gain."

 Reduce alcohol consumption

Most individuals can drink moderately, but Coleman advises against it when dieting and trimming. Studies demonstrate that drinking increases the risk of abdominal obesity and weight gain.

 Limit sugary beverages.

According to certain research, sodas and sports drinks with plenty of added sugar might increase belly fat, so avoid them. Coleman points up another reason sugary beverages might cause abdominal obesity.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking enough water prevents constipation and stomach bloating caused by dehydration. A research from Annals of Family Medicine revealed that obese people with little liquid consumption had higher BMIs.

Drink green tea.

Coleman states "Consuming two to three cups of green tea daily has been shown to reduce abdominal fat." "So pairing this with a healthy diet and regular exercise can reduce your risk of obesity and help you keep a flat stomach."

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