Easy Ways to Drink More Water Daily

Drink water in the kitchen. This is another approach to incorporate the habit into your everyday routine 

Sip while cooking and prepping meals at home. Ask for water when the server takes drink orders at a restaurant. 

This smart water bottle suggests your daily water intake, reminds you to sip, and records it. The DrinKup keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and heated for 12 

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Add ice or water to sweet drinks like juice, lemonade, and iced tea. It'll satisfy your sweet tooth and provide extra water. 

To remind yourself to drink, keep a gallon jug or large carafe at your workstation, by your bed, and on the kitchen counter. 

Filtered water may be a necessity depending on where you live and your resources. Though you may not require it due to your area's water quality 

Choose fizzy water if you're in a mood where any fizzy drink will do. A squeeze of lime juice makes it a classy mocktail.  

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