Former baseball player Garvey faces prominent Democrats for Feinstein's California Senate seat(Part-2) .

California polling shows that President Joe Biden is failing with Latinos and independents while facing only weak competition in the primary. While former President Donald Trump is the clear favorite to win the Republican nomination, this might lower GOP attendance if the battle is done before early March.

Garvey brings popularity to the contest, but he must first consolidate the GOP base as he is competing with attorney Eric Early, who has lost state attorney general and congressional races. Democrats have tried to inflame GOP divisions and deter independents from voting for Garvey by highlighting his hesitation on the White House race. Garvey supported Trump in 2016 and 2020.

Among the few Republicans with a well-known name to run for statewide office in years. In 2016 and 2018, GOP Senate candidates did so poorly that two Democrats were on the November ballot. Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla defeated unknown Republican Mark Meuser in a 2022 walkover.

Garvey is well-known to elderly baseball fans, but Democrats portray him as a political neophyte unsuitable for the Senate during global instability. Garvey was also criticized for his 1980s sex scandals, which tarnished his image as “Mr. Clean,” a trademark of his Dodger days. After admitting to having two children with unmarried women, he married his present wife.

He once observed, "Our life is a journey." My struggles have been intermittent. I learned. The main Democrats agree on most policy matters, but the battle has revealed left-wing divisions on the Israel-Hamas war and congressional earmark funds.

According to Porter, she is a suburban soccer mom who monitors corporate excess on Capitol Hill and uses a whiteboard to explain difficult facts during congressional hearings. Former prosecutor Schiff is the establishment favorite and has former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a backer. Lee recounts her struggle to become her high school's first Black cheerleader and her homelessness after exiting an abusive marriage. The only member of Congress to vote against military force authorization following the 9/11 terrorist attacks was her.

Lee advocated for a lasting Gaza cease-fire in a recent televised discussion, whereas Schiff has supported Israel's right to defend itself. Porter opposed earmarks, which direct federal funds to a project or institution at home, whereas Schiff and Lee supported them. Schiff, a former federal prosecutor, stated at the start of his campaign that he would be Trump's main congressional opponent. He stated his “biggest job of his life” was impeachment manager in his campaign kickoff video and pledged to “fight” for democracy.

Schiff was censured by the Republican-led House on a party-line vote in June for statements he made during the Trump-Russia investigations. The congressman often appeared on TV and made online fundraising pitches, even on election day, urging supporters to “become a founding donor” of his Senate campaign.