1: Strengthen your body's defense! Boost your immunity with these invigorating yoga poses. Discover effective postures that nourish and protect your health.

2: Warrior Pose: Empower your immune system with this dynamic stance. Enhance flexibility, balance, and strength, while reinforcing your body's resilience.

3: Downward-Facing Dog: Unleash vitality with this classic pose. Energize your body and mind, improve blood circulation, and stimulate your immune response.

4: Tree Pose: Cultivate stability and immunity. Ground yourself as you find balance and engage your core. Enhance focus and promote overall well-being.

5: Bridge Pose: Bridge the gap to optimal immunity. Activate your thyroid gland, open your chest, and relieve stress. Boost energy levels and enhance your body's defenses.

6: Dolphin Pose: Dive into immune-boosting benefits! Strengthen arms, shoulders, and core while calming the mind. Enhance respiratory function and promote well-being.

7: Child's Pose: Nurture your immune system through relaxation. Connect with your breath, relieve tension, and allow your body to rejuvenate. Amplify your defenses.

8: Cobra Pose: Activate your immune system with this empowering posture. Stimulate your thymus gland, stretch your chest, and enhance circulation.

9: Corpse Pose: Recharge your body's immune system. Release stress, tension, and fatigue. Allow deep relaxation to regenerate your mind, body, and immunity.