Haley mocks her Civil War error and Trump stand-in on ‘SNL’(Part-2)

The United States Capitol Police, together with the sergeants-at-arms of the House of Representatives and the Senate, are accountable for maintaining security on the grounds of the Capitol and defending Congress. 

A special House committee that reviewed the siege found no evidence to substantiate Trump's assertion that Pelosi declined protection that he claims his government offered. Trump has accused Pelosi of turning down security that his administration offered.

Immediately following the corrections made by the moderators of the town hall meeting, Haley inquires, "Are you doing okay, Donald? You might require a test to determine your mental capacity.

There have been times when Trump has claimed that he has "aced" cognitive tests in the past, and Johnson's Trump informed Haley, "You know what I did. Okay, I took the test, and I did quite well on it. An excellent score. They stated that I am completely insane.

The last question of the sketch is posed by a member of the audience, and it is posed by Ayo Edebiri, "Saturday Night Live" presenter and star of "The Bear" on Hulu. Haley, who is now known as Ambassador Haley, is the subject of her inquiries on the fundamental reasons that led to the American Civil War

When questioned about the reason for the war during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire in December, the candidate did not mention slavery in her response. The town hall meeting was held in New Hampshire. After a few hours had passed, she retracted her remarks.

"Just out of curiosity, what would you say was the primary factor that led to the outbreak of the Civil War?" During the show, Edebiri posed the question to Haley. To what extent do you believe that it begins with a 'S' and concludes with a 'lavery'?

The response that Haley gave was, "Yep, I probably should have said that the first time," and then she continued by stating, "And live from New York, it's 'Saturday Night in New York."