In restaurants, pepper should be avoided for the following reasons:

Going out to eat isn't the best choice for your health, and it's not just because the food isn't good for you. When it comes to keeping the most "holy" parts of a restaurant—the kitchen and the bathrooms—clean, many eateries fail to meet the necessary hygiene requirements.

These two things are the exception rather than the rule when it comes to how clean a restaurant is. For instance, the menu card is the filthiest object in a restaurant since it typically includes about 185,000 germs.

On the other hand, the menu is not the only thing that deserves praise; there is another item that is contaminated with germs that is hiding in the middle of your really tasty dinner.

The second dirtiest and most bacteria-laden object in the restaurant is on your table. The pepper shaker is what we use too often. The shaker may look clean, but numerous bacteria live there.

This applies to pepper, ketchup, salt, oregano, mustard, and vinegar. Pepper outperforms other bottles in germ invasion. ABC News found 11600 germs in the typical pepper shaker.

Due of its prevalence, improper sanitization is a big issue. Most restaurants wipe the exterior of salt and pepper cellars with a damp towel instead of emptying and washing them. Although cleansed, this shaker is still infected. Holding the shaker for 2 seconds transfers over 50% of germs to your hands. It's unsettling to think of this when eating pizza or burgers with your hands. Consider how much bacteria you consume.

To minimize contamination, ask the chef to add pepper while cooking instead than using a dirty salt shaker. Take a packet of anti-bacterial wet wipes or a bottle of hand sanitizer to use after touching the shaker. If you need spice, bring your own salt and pepper packets.

Restaurants are rarely clean. The kitchen is routinely neglected, and the bathroom has millions of germs. The menu is one of the dirtiest objects on a restaurant table. Next come pepper shakers and other spice and flavor containers, which carry numerous harmful microorganisms. Use pepper shakers sparingly in restaurants to protect your health.

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