Nevada presidential primaries and caucuses will confuse voters but not provide intrigue(Part-2)

On Sunday in North Las Vegas, Biden called a second Trump administration a “nightmare.” The primary allows Trump's campaign strategists to test their general election strategy. “It’s a national campaign and this is what national campaigns do,” LaCivita added. "No one is forgotten. We take nothing for granted.”

The Thursday night caucuses are anticipated to favor Trump. Trump has an edge in caucuses over primaries because of his grassroots backing. Organising supporters across a state and encouraging them to attend at an agreed time is required for the competitions.

Nevada's GOP went farther, banning super PACs like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' from assisting candidates. To compete in the party-run caucuses, the Nevada GOP prevented Republicans from competing in the primary, where they might gain support from more people.

Nevada is disregarded throughout election cycles because to its distance from Washington and the renown of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina early elections.

Only since 2008, when the late Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a skillful political power broker, won his home state a spot at the top of the presidential primary schedule, has the state been an early state. Nevada is expanding rapidly and attracts those unfamiliar with its relatively new position.

But despite that, an incumbent president running in the Democratic campaign, a past president running in the Republican race, and his sole serious competitor essentially ignoring the state this year.

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and former Vice President Mike Pence also ran in the Nevada primaries before pulling out. Due to their announcements' timing, their names will still appear on ballots, along with a Nevada legal oddity that lets voters chose “none of these candidates

Nevada lawmakers added “none of these candidates” to all statewide contests post-Watergate to allow voters to participate but be dissatisfied. “None” won 1976 and 1978 primary congressional elections but cannot run for office. It beat George Bush and Edward Kennedy in Nevada's 1980 presidential primary.