NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs cement dynasty in Super Bowl LVIII; what's next for 49ers?

The confetti has been cleared. The jets have all departed Las Vegas. Another NFL season has ended.

And it marks the end of my first year running the Power Rankings, at least for the 2023 NFL season. From now on, all eyes are turned forward, toward the healing dawn of another offseason.

It's a dull period for any NFL fan, with optimism doled out like candy on most passing plays. Free agency looms. The draft is not far in the distance.

There aren't many fan bases nowadays that can't talk themselves into a deep playoff run in 11 months. You could have laughed at excessively optimistic Texans

Rams, or Packers supporters a year ago, but take a look at them today. Of course, we could talk about the Jets, Chargers, and Bengals and get very different replies.

Instead, I'd want to use the remainder of this introduction space to thank you, dear readers, for sticking with me as I sorted out Power Ranking on the fly this season.

My predecessor, Dan Hanzus, set the bar high, and he was an invaluable resource for me; I was frequently referring back to his prior work to see how he handled situations.

I also received a lot of additional internal and external support along the road.

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