Nikki Haley seeks California votes despite Nevada presidential primary rejection (Part-1).

 Los Angeles — On Wednesday, Nikki Haley's presidential campaign continued its journey to California, where she will square off against former president Donald Trump in another unlikely battle. Haley had previously attempted to quell rumors that she may withdraw from the race following a symbolic rejection in Nevada's primary.

"I have no plans to leave here. Haley stated, "I'm in this for the long haul," to applause at an indoor event in the historic Hollywood enclave of Los Angeles. She refrained from mentioning the humiliating Nevada verdict.

While Californians voted by mail, Haley's irate fans brushed off her defeat in Nevada as a minor setback and looked forward to continuing her one-on-one struggle with Trump.

Voter Steven Whiddon, an actor and TV producer, expressed his wish that she might run for office on the Democratic ticket. Haley has his support because, despite the fact that he is not a registered Republican and so cannot participate in the state GOP primary, he believes that she is reasonable and pragmatic.

He said that Trump supporters "completely rigged" the Nevada vote. Nothing was lost by Haley.

Haley has taken on the persona of the rebellious Trump opponent and self-proclaimed outsider to the establishment as the Republican campaign has narrowed down to two main contenders. There would be "chaos" in the country if Trump were to serve another term in office, she said.

The day before, Haley, the former United Nations ambassador and the final big challenger to Trump's candidacy, took a beating in Nevada, as Republican voters essentially publicly scolded her by selecting the "none of these candidates" option.

Nevertheless, it was only a symbolic vote; the GOP primary failed to provide the necessary delegates for the nomination, and Haley refrained from campaigning in Nevada following her accusations that Trump associates had manipulated the system to benefit Trump.