Obstacles to Overcome When Dealing with Obesity in the Abdomen: Social Stigma and Discrimination. (Part-2)

In media, weight bias is sometimes perpetuated by unflattering depictions of individuals with obesity. Social misperceptions and discrimination may increase.

Awareness of obesity's hereditary and environmental causes helps dispel myths and minimize stigma.

Encourage non-stigmatizing language in media, healthcare, and ordinary conversations to promote inclusive and courteous discourse.

Mental health issues related to obesity must be addressed. Mental health treatment and support can reduce stigma-related stress.

Legislating against weight-based discrimination in workplaces and healthcare can improve equity.

Encourage good body image and diversity beauty in media to create a more welcoming and inclusive society.

Training healthcare providers to recognize and overcome weight bias promotes compassion and patient-centeredness.

These challenges require a holistic, empathic response encompassing individuals, communities, healthcare providers, and governments.

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