One of the most effective methods for reducing abdominal fat is to increase muscular mass.

Yes, developing muscle can help lose belly fat. The reason is:

Increased RMR: Muscle tissue burns calories even at rest. Your RMR rises as you gain muscle, burning more calories throughout the day.

Resistance exercise like weightlifting improves insulin sensitivity. Keeping blood sugar constant reduces fat deposition, especially around the abdomen.

Increased Fat Oxidation: Muscle mass boosts fat oxidation for energy. Your body may use stored fat more efficiently during activity and rest.

Resistance exercise and weightlifting increase calorie expenditure. This helps you lose fat, along with the afterburn effect.

Targeted Abdominal Workouts: Core-strengthening exercises can improve muscle definition and abdominal tone, but spot reduction is a fallacy.

Fat loss is sustainable when muscle is built. Unlike crash diets, which can cause muscle loss and a slowed metabolism, maintaining or building muscle mass helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Combining an organized resistance training program with a healthy diet will help you build muscle and decrease belly fat. If weight loss is your main aim, eat enough protein to support muscle growth and cut calories to generate a slight calorie deficit. 

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