Plants with medicinal and aromatic properties are being cultivated at the Healing Garden.

A Healing Garden can improve physical, mental, and emotional health by growing medicinal and aromatic plants. The following medicinal and aromatic plants could be grown in such a garden:

Properties: Lavender calms and reduces anxiety. It is used for its calming aroma and sleep help.

Echinacea is used to prevent and treat colds due to its immune-boosting qualities.

Properties: Aloe Vera soothes minor burns, wounds, and skin irritations. Mentha x piperita: Peppermint.

Medicinal properties: Calendula reduces inflammation and heals skin. 

Rosemary is antioxidant and improves memory and focus. For stimulation, it's applied topically.

Ginger aids digestion and reduces inflammation. Used to relieve nausea and aid digestion.

Properties: Frankincense smells pungent and woody. Aromatherapy uses its grounding and meditative properties.

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