Powerball hits third-largest jackpot of the year

One of the largest Powerball jackpots has been won so far in 2023 on Wednesday night's drawing.

After there were no winners in the Saturday and Monday drawings, the grand prize for the Powerball increased to $550 million, an annuitized sum that the lottery deemed to be the "third-largest" jackpot of the year. While its one-time monetary worth was $266 million.

The winning numbers on Monday night's drawing were 9, 25, 27, 53, and 66, together with the red Powerball number 5.

According to the lottery, the largest prize that Powerball has ever won this year was worth $1.08 billion. A $754.6 million grand prize was awarded in February behind that.

According to Powerball, the winning ticket was bought in California when the jackpot hit $1.08 billion in July. Before the person in California won the windfall, which was the third-largest ever, there were 38 consecutive draws.

In Virginia and New Hampshire, there were sold two tickets for a combined $1 million. According to the lottery, someone in Florida received a windfall of $2 million.

One in 292.2 million people will be selected to receive the top prize. On Tuesday night, players of the similar lottery Mega Millions get the chance to attempt for a $141 million grand prize.

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