Purdy offers wisdom on first Super Bowl.

Even in the glare of Super Bowl LVIII, Brock Purdy can see well.

As Nick Purdy, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, gets ready to play the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl—his first in just his second season with the team—his reputation for being humble and grounded has evidently not altered

During Monday's Opening Night press conference in Sin City, Purdy told the assembled media, "I mean, the bottom line is life isn't about you -- that's what I believe, you know." Being a member of a greater whole is what it's all about. It seems like a superficial existence when you're consumed by accumulating fame, glory, and position. That, too, might go really suddenly.

I am deeply grateful and honored that my team has earned a spot in the Super Bowl. Before everything else, I want to do my best for the company, my loved ones, and the players on this squad so that we can win a championship. Personally, I see it that way.

The 24-year-old Purdy has been the 49ers' quarterback since the 2022 season, and his calm assurance has been a major factor in the team's meteoric rise to prominence. In 2023, his offense was the most dangerous in the NFL

 The young quarterback keeps his cool under pressure in every circumstance, from playing in the Super Bowl to dealing with unjust criticism, and he frequently attributes his positive attitude on life to his religion.

Since being taken 262nd overall in the 2022 NFL Draft, Purdy has battled with every challenge that a player may face. No moment is too large or too soul-crushing for him. But Purdy's tone is far from superficial, whether we're talking about injuries or NFL records.

With Purdy at the helm, the 49ers have a veteran who knows what he's doing as they try to win their sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy.