Purdy shares great suggestions from Montana and Young (Part-1)

"Then I had a conversation with Steve about how important it is to stay grounded in your beliefs and purpose in the NFL, despite all the noise and distractions around you.

After that, [Young] addressed the squad, urging them to seize such opportunities when they arise. You must not overlook this.

"There's a lot of players in the NFL that don't get opportunities to go to the Super Bowl and win, so he was like, 'You've got to do what you can as a team when you have this [opportunity] to take it.'"

Although he is still relatively early in his career, Purdy's on-field acumen and knack for winning have led many to compare him to Montana and early. And much as Purdy does now, the Hall of Fame quarterbacks have dealt with the ups and downs of the NFL throughout their careers.

Since Montana and Young were both involved in quarterback controversies when they were players, they are well-aware of the intense scrutiny that accompanies the position. 

Considering Purdy is dealing with the national spotlight as the 49ers' starting quarterback, it's not surprising that Montana and Young had advice to provide

Plus, Montana has some insight on how Purdy can make the most of his own excellent squad from his time with the Red and Gold, when he had a similarly star-studded group.

Montana and Young have been invaluable advisors, and the franchise has five Super Bowl rings to its names; Purdy is hoping to add a sixth.