Report: Jerry Rosburg, Ravens unable to agree on coaching hire.

There was a story that surfaced on Monday indicating that the Ravens will be adding Jerry Rosburg to the coaching staff of John Harbaugh in a game management capacity

However, it was believed that the arrangement encountered a hiccup before ultimately being consummated.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Media, the two parties were unable to reach a final agreement on a deal that would allow him to return to Baltimore without any complications.

Beginning in 2008, Rosburg served as the coordinator of the team's special teams until March 2019, when he made the announcement that he would be retiring.

When Rosburg joined the Broncos coaching staff in 2022, his retirement came to an end. This was in response to the fact that first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett had made a series of gaffes in terms of game management

In addition to providing assistance in this regard, Rosburg subsequently assumed the role of temporary head coach after Hackett was terminated after 15 games.

In 2023, Rosburg was once again absent from the league, 

and it is possible that he will continue to be absent now that the return to Baltimore looks to be out of the question.