RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel had considered resigning. No decision has been taken (Part-2)

A week of slander from far-right individuals led by Turning Point, a glamorous and well-funded movement created by 30-year-old media star Charlie Kirk, who failed to overthrow McDaniel a year earlier. Turning Point held a counterprogramming event called “Restoring National Confidence” days before the party's winter conference last week.

Kirk and several of his Turning Point followers repeatedly called for McDaniel's dismissal during the event, blaming her for the party's recent underperformance and accusing her of recklessly squandering RNC funds.

After four years out of the White House, the RNC is cash-strapped. Last Monday, RNC campaign finance records revealed $8 million in the bank and $1 million in debt. “We know a pack of losers when we see it: top to bottom, the entire RNC staff in its current form,” Kirk stated last week on his radio show.

This fall's party chair will oversee the massive countrywide infrastructure to elect a Republican president and serve as the party's top fundraiser under the presidential contender. Trump is poised for a third consecutive presidential nomination after winning the first two primaries.

Trump has tolerated McDaniel for seven years because he confronts him privately about serious problems. Despite escalating tensions between the GOP establishment and MAGA leaders, Trump and McDaniel met secretly Monday at the former president's Florida residence.

Two-thirds of the RNC's membership—including a handful of elected representatives from every state—must vote to oust McDaniel mid-term. Her landslide reelection last year suggests there aren't enough votes to drive her out.

She may resign freely if the party's next presidential nominee, perhaps Trump, asks her to. McDaniel has stated in private discussions that she will not fight for her post if the party's de facto head does not want her. In a Sunday morning interview, Trump implied McDaniel might go.

I think she ran Michigan well for me. I think she started well in RNC. Trump suggested on Fox News Channel's "Sunday Morning Futures" that adjustments are likely. Many RNC members still like McDaniel. “With what the mission of the RNC is, I think she’s done a good job,” said Iowa RNC member Steve Scheffler, who observed that national party money often lags behind individual campaign spending in contested