Roger Goodell: NFL must employ technology to enhance officiating.

Commissioner Roger Goodell of the National Football League (NFL) recognized technology as an essential component in the process of improving the officiating in the NFL.

To my mind, our authorities are doing an excellent job. They have a higher grade. However, at the end of the day, there is no one who is flawless," said Goodell. 

We have to keep working toward improving our situation. To make an effort to increase their performance, we need to put in the effort and make use of technology wherever we can.

Goodell did not provide a detailed explanation of how the league intends to utilize technology. An official, who is often referred to as a "sky judge,

who is viewing live footage and replays and is able to make calls exactly as the on-field officials can is something that some people believe the league need to introduce. The league currently has a replay assistant who communicates with the referee while games are in progress.

Despite the fact that the National Football League has said that the chips do not offer precise enough information to precisely locate the ball, there have been requests for the chips to be used in NFL footballs and on players' shoulder pads in order to assist with refereeing.

According to Goodell, the enhanced technology that is utilized by the broadcast partners of the National Football League makes it simpler to examine the officiating.

I think in the NFL, the level of scrutiny is at the highest I've ever seen it," said commissioner Roger Goodell. "You see more than you could ever see before