Royal Mint Issues First 2024 Britannia Bullion Coins

The entire gold versions of the 2024 Britannia bullion coins have been released by the Royal Mint, together with the silver edition of one ounce with total weight.

Philip Nathan designed the Britannia bullion series' reverses, which show Britannia since 1987. The shield, olive branch, and trident on Britannia signify the nation's values: protection, peace, and marine links.

The first bullion coins from the 2024 Britannia Bullion collection have been released, and we couldn't be happier about it. Thanks to its cutting-edge security features, our Britannia bullion series is highly desirable among investors and is among the world's most sought-after.

Andrew Dickey, Director of Precious Metals for The Royal Mint, stated that investors may have full faith in purchases made through our partners or directly from us since the coin can be easily identified as a genuine Royal Mint product just by moving it.

The weight and quality of Britannia bullion coins are certified during the yearly Trial of the Pyx, which takes place at Goldsmith's Hall and dates back hundreds of years. These coins are very well known for their dependability.

As a result of their position as legal British money, citizens of the United Kingdom are excluded from paying capital gains tax on the purchase of Bullion coins from The Royal Mint.

Late in the year 2023, the platinum edition, the one-ounce platinum edition, and the silver editions of one kilogram, one quarter of an ounce, and tenth of an ounce are all slated to be released.

The public will be able to acquire the platinum coin that weighs 10 ounces when it is made available for purchase at the beginning of the year 2024.

Keep an eye out for more updates!