Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera downgrade rumored

According to trusted leaker IceUniverse, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will include a 10MP 3x zoom and a 5x 50MP zoom instead of a 10x telephoto camera. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy S21 Ultra all have 10x zoom cameras, but this would be the first Ultra-branded Galaxy to switch. 

These stats would give the Galaxy S24 Ultra a lesser telephoto camera than the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which has two 50MP cameras, according to the leaker. This phone isn't offered outside China, so it probably isn't on your smartphone shortlist.

Samsung regressing vs iPhone 15 Pro Max? The Galaxy S23 Ultra's 10MP 10x zoom camera is one of the most distinctive, helping it top our best camera phones list. Unlike other Android phones with 5x zoom periscope cameras, Samsung's two telephotos put the Galaxy S23 series out of reach.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max's 5x tetraprism lens functioned well in our tests, but its 25x digital zoom is far inferior than the Galaxy S23 Ultra's 100x Space Zoom. 

Thus, losing zoom range sounds bad for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The new phone would miss 10x zoom and maybe lose 100x Space Zoom. Although not always effective for photography, this zoom proved stunning when photographing the moon.

Due of its 50MP resolution, the rumored 5x telephoto camera may still compete. Samsung may have ditched the more powerful optical zoom since a higher native resolution might mean a bigger lossless digital zoom range that will satisfy customers as much as a smaller sensor with a more powerful lens.

Note that other rumormongers have reported other Galaxy S24 Ultra camera issues. One story states the 50MP sensor is for the 3x camera and the 10MP periscope camera remains, 

while another suggests Samsung might employ a new variable zoom lens on the S24 Ultra for more versatility. These accusations are unlikely to be accurate at once, so we'll have to wait for further rumors.

In February of next year, Samsung is expected to debut the Galaxy S24, so additional rumors might fly. It'll have to start strong when it launches because of the competent iPhone 15 Pro and the upcoming (but presumably fantastic) Google Pixel 8 Pro.

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