Super Bowl 2024: Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes expresses team acceptance of playing the villain

The Chiefs of Kansas City would prefer not to be right if appearing in four of the previous five Super Bowls is incorrect. Even quarterback Patrick Mahomes has admitted that his squad is "OK" with playing the villain.

"I believe I simply enjoy triumphing," Mahomes stated Wednesday when speaking to the media. The only time I'll be OK with you being a villain is if your success makes you one. Nonetheless, I want to have pleasure in the game and strive for maximum victory.

On the first night of the season in Sin City, the Chiefs were met with boos from the crowd. In a frank interview, Kansas City defensive tackle Chris Jones explained that this is due to the fact that he and his colleagues have become the new "villains" and the most hated team in the league.

The prior group to hold that title was the 2002–19 New England Patriots, who were part of six Super Bowl winning teams and participated in nine total. The fact that those clubs' supporters have legitimate grievances beyond the Chiefs' incessant winning is a key differentiator from the Chiefs.

There were several high-profile scandals in recent years, including the Tuck Rule in 2002, the videotaping controversy in 2007, Deflategate in 2015, and the signing of Antonio Brown in 2019. Tom Brady, Rodney Harrison, and other Patriots players were often targets for ire from the rival team's fan base.

When it comes to those parallels, Kansas City is very different. Its head coach, Andy Reid, is often regarded in a positive light. Unlike the icy demeanor of previous Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, he isn't afraid to crack jokes with reporters and fans.

The Chiefs' lineup, which includes tight end Travis Kelce and quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is frequently praised. In fact, State Farm has used Reid and Mahomes in their commercial skits on a regular basis.

Because the same team always seems to win the Super Bowl, fans just want to see more variety in the games. It seems like the Kansas City players are aware of it; that's why they claimed they're fine with leaning into it.