Taylor Swift Makes Surprising Appearance At NFL Game

There may be more fireworks in store when the Kansas City Chiefs host the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium in Week 3 of the 2023 NFL season, even if the third week has already seen its share of exciting occurrences.

The Chiefs defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars in a close game last week, bouncing back from their Week 1 setback to the Detroit Lions.

It wasn't as high-scoring game as some had anticipated, but Kansas City did a good job of moving the ball in the second half to win.

Travis Kelce returned to the field at the same time as the Chiefs won; the tight end had to miss Week 1 due to a hyperextended knee. With a touchdown against Jacksonville under his belt, Kelce is well-positioned to score against a weak Chicago defense once more.

The All-Pro will also be extra driven to do well since Taylor Swift will be watching the game with his family on NFL.

Rumors have been circulating off the field that Kelce has been seeing the country pop singer, and her attendance at the game seems to corroborate that they are dating.

Athletes have historically had success dating superstars, and Kelce's attempts to get Swift to notice seem to be paying off thus far.

The coverage will undoubtedly constantly pan to Swift during the game to watch her reaction anytime Kelce makes a play on the field. But ultimately, it matters that the team that won the Super Bowl the previous season wins again.

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