The Candle Your Zodiac Sign Should Burn

Cinnamon Apple Candle: Aries

You can rock an apple-cinnamon scent all year, so break out those holiday candles early.

Taurus: Pine Needle Candle

You like indulgence as a Venus-ruled sign. Thus, your perfect candle should contain your favorite rich, dreamy smells. 

Gemini: Strawberry Basil Candle

Atlas suggests choosing a candle "that has opposing scent profiles and offers a surprising twist," for the ultimate candle. 

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Fresh Linen Candle: Cancer

Cancer, the zodiac's nurturer, must invest in herself as much as others. A nostalgic candle that smells like a cozy blanket on a wet day is perfect for your house

Candle: Leo Rose and Orange Blossom

You're faithful and add vitality to everything you touch. Choose a candle aroma with this same optimism and vitality.

Cedar and Sandalwood Candle for Virgo

 You pay attention to detail and have strong preferences. Atlas says, "Virgo, you need a candle you can light at the end of the day to help you take the edge off,

Libra: Vanilla Bean Candle

A an subtle romantic scent like floral or vanilla that pleases even the pickiest of visitor tastes

Scorpio Candle: Tobacco, Patchouli

You might want to grab a few more than you think you need to keep every room ambient and sexy,

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