The Dr. John York gave Kyle Shanahan clarity to choose Brock Purdy.

Prior to becoming 49ers quarterback, Brock Purdy had to join the team. He joined the 49ers as the final choice. He was drafted last with help from 49ers co-chair Dr. John York.

Coach Kyle Shanahan told Peter King in his Football Morning in America piece that ownership provided clarity while making the last 2022 draft decision.

Dr. York said, ‘Who's the best player out there?’ before the choice. I said, ‘Well, Purdy’s the best player.’ 'Then what are we talking about?' I said, "There are other places." He may be available as a free agent for $10,000 following the draft. Dr. York is shocked. He's staring at me like, I don't see why you're discussing him being the best player.

Shanahan gave Purdy a fourth-round rating. The squad had other requirements. Once Dr. York spoke, those requirements became secondary.

“Then it approaches," Shanahan added. "I also think we won't sign Purdy as a free agent since so many clubs want him. Not coming to us. He informed me he signed somewhere since then. I stated in the room, "Let's not risk it." He's too good."

Purdy stated he might have signed with the Vikings if the 49ers hadn't taken him. His actions would not have given the 49ers dibs.

This illustrates the benefit of an owner who can assist his football team see things clearly when needed. York solved a football team's dilemma with common sense, not because he liked Purdy since he isn't a scout.

Someone had to convince them of the apparent choice. York assisted them at the right moment. This shows how owners may use their expertise and experience to aid people who know how to construct a football club better than them.